Watching it VS Reading it

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        In modern times, people have stated that they prefer to watch the movie or T.V. series of a story over reading it. I support that statement. There are many benefits to watching a movie or series over reading it and many people would say would reading the book also has plenty of benefits over watching it.

       One great benefit of watching a movie it that its easier to understand what happening. Its true that you may get much more details in reading but in watching, everything is done in front of the viewers eyes that is easy to understand and goes on in a set pace to make it easier for us to follow unlike reading where you can read at any pace that you want. By reading to fast or too slow, I damages the overall experience of the reader as they may often get confused or disoriented on certain details of the story.

       Another good advantage is that its just faster to watch a movie or T.V. series than to read over a hundred thousand words. Most movies today have around an hour of run time, probably three hours at most. Movies are capable to show the viewer a scene that would probably take three paragraphs to read in a movie. Although a person can pick up a book and read anytime, it could take a full day at least of nonstop reading to finish a book in a single sitting. T.V. series also have the advantage of having a good place to begin and start. Because a series can’t go on for too long, it ends at appropriate moments to make the viewer comeback for more.

       It is true that reading helps people be more imaginative as it gives specific to make the scene real in their head, but people also actually want to see it happen with their eyes. Imagining is different from actually seeing it in front of you behind the screen. Characters have actual faces instead of vague facial and body characteristics. Places look real, they’re not words that you have to visualize to get a correct scene in your head. Movies and T.V. also have the advantage to play the appropriate music in a scene, a musical piece truly suited for a situation.

A book may be the inspiration or source of a movie or T.V. show’s storyline but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the better version of a story. People can have their opinions, but some opinions can be wrong. This is not one of those types of choices, people can have a preference. Watching something on the screen is just better for me than reading it.



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