Reading Can Be Fun


       Reading is an ability that has been with mankind for along time and since the creation of movies, people have disregarded reading as an activity only for getting information or something work related. I want to be able to give a reason on how reading can be pleasurable and helpful in other ways aside from work for some people, how it can be fun.

       Writing had been used to store information, it branched out and people started to write fiction to create worlds using words and sentences. Today, through the use of technology, accessing stories or specific information has been made easier than ever. So why read? Reading, for me, has been a way to escape reality. When I read, I travel to another world and experience another life.  Seems cool when I put it like that right? Reading make people feel emotions suck as joy or despair. It can shape a persons’s identity in their beliefs and morals. So by reading, people can change.



       Creativity and Imagination, I believe that reading can help a person improve these two characteristics. When a person reads, He or She conjure up in their mind what exactly is happening in the story. You yourself are the one to make your own interpretation of the words that you read. We produce images in our head not unlike the images we see on big screens. The difference is that other people created those pictures, not you. Because we have no pictures to follow, we make our own instead.

       Some people would say that books are boring and tedious to read through. You just need to find the right book that interests you. There plenty of genres for us to choose from, both published and not. One of the types of reading material are bound to catch your interest. You need to be able to give your time and patience to enjoy books and novels. I assure you that by the last page of book, you will feel a strong emotion. These emotions could be positive and negative, depending on the book.

        Books help people feel and being able feel emotions is part of being human. People today seem to lack the same empathy they once had before. I believe that through the pleasure of reading, people will grow. So start reading now.



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